Music To My Ears




BILL WARREN actor and producer-director                                         Paul Kelly

BRENDA MONSON theatre manager                                                    Lori Barrett

PEGGY BENTON theatre employee                                                       Jenny Morris

MOLLY MALLOY theatre employee                                                      Karly Anderson

TERRY MORRIS choreographer friend of Bill                                     Chris Hargreaves

MELANIE WARREN actress ex-wife of Bill                                          Marjorie Morris


ALLIE MATTHEWS movie patron (and featured singer)                     Louise Pinkerton

PAT MATTHEWS movie patron (and featured singer)                        Royce Blackburn

AMBER DONAHUE theatre employee (also in chorus)                       Wendy Honrath

ALISHA protestor (also in chorus and featured singer)                        Ashley Braxton

JORDAN protestor, Alisha's boyfriend (also featured singer)             Patrick Pearson

SARA protestor (also in chorus)                                                                Crystal Karlstad

JOSH protestor, Sara's boyfriend (also in chorus)                                  John Grove

GEORGE BAILEY Banker                                                                          Gordon Dexheimer

FRANKIE Real Estate agent                                                                       Betty Gard


JIMMY Melanie's lawyer and former actor (also featured dancer)      Marc Arnason

VIC movie hero                                                                                            George Herda

KAYCI movie heroine                                                                                 CeAnne Reese

EMILY theatrevending girl - also song number                                     Caroline Gray

BESSIE SORENSON theatre owner                                                           Lee Barnum

HUBERT SORENSON son of owner                                                        Michael Harvey

DANCER "Miss Red Shorts"  - also chorus & dance specialty             Sara Anderson

DANCER "backstage" - also chorus and dance specialty                      Jessica Gunderson

WENDY bank secretary, protestor - also in chorus                                Allison Wiese

MIKE soldier soloist with Peggy on "Till We Meet Again"                  Mike Barrett

SUELLEN rehearsal pianist                                                                       Suellen Palya

MARK bartender                                                                                         Mark Landa

TV REPORTER                                                                                            Mare Thompson

TV CAMERAMAN                                                                                      Mike Hollarn

STREET MUSICIAN "PeatMoss"                                                               Greg "PeatMoss" Norman

STREET WALKER                                                                                       Miranda Mozinski

AUDITIONERS (dramatic reading and/or song audition)

                        Karly Anderson, Sara Anderson, Royce Blackburn, Shane Barrett, Ben Danielson, John Grove,

                        Jessica Gunderson, Michael Harvey, David Henry, George Herda, Leah Juhl, Carmyn Juntunen,

                        Crystal Karlstad, Joseph Markel, Edward Morris, Jenny Morris, Candice Morgan, Miranda Mozinski,

                        Carmyn Juntunen, Krystal Pavlish, Thomas Porath, CeAnne Reese, Kristi Rokke, Allison







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