A new backstage movie musical!



CHRISTOPHER P. JACOBS teaches film at the University of North Dakota, is the movies editor for the High Plains Reader, and works as a part-time projectionist at the local ten-plex. He has made numerous shorts on film and video since age 14, and has completed five digital features in the past five years. Previous movies include The Threat of the Mummy and its sequel Vengeance of the Sorceress (both 2002), Dark Highways (2003), and Miss Mystic (2004), as well as the half-finished Working Nights.


MARK LANDA is the Executive Director of the Empire Arts Center. His background is in marketing and advertising and the past few years he has been doing arts programming. He also enjoys working with local 4-H Clubs. Mark had bit roles in Dark Highways and the uncompleted Working Nights.


JENNY MORRIS teaches ballroom dance and along with her sister Marjorie and brother Edward is a member of the Celtic song and dance performance group The Tarryers. She is also extremely active in regional arts activities and community theatre as an actress, singer, and choreographer. Jenny had a small role in Dark Highways.


PAUL KELLY has been a local radio personality and DJ, a professional MC, and entertainment director for local night clubs. He has acted in a number of local theatre and independent movie productions. Paul starred in The Threat of the Mummy, had a supporting role in Working Nights, a memorable cameo role in Dark Highways, and appeared in Ole and Lena the Movie.


LORI BARRETT owns a Karaoke business with her husband. She is an award-winning actress who has appeared in eight independent features and numerous commercials, both local and national. Some of her movie roles include Hollywood Wisconsin, Dexter Dickie, The Threat of the Mummy, and Vengeance of the Sorceress.


CHRIS HARGREAVES is a local radio personality known as “the lovable Limey.” He and his wife Pene are professional skaters who have performed with Disney on Ice. Music to My Ears is his first movie role.


KARLY ANDERSON is a middle-school student who has been active in community theatre and acted in the 2004 North Dakota Shakespeare Festival.


MARJORIE MORRIS has written theatre reviews for the High Plains Reader, has performed in a number of singing contests, and had a bit role in Dark Highways, besides being a member of the Celtic song and dance group The Tarryers. This is her first major movie role.


GORDON DEXHEIMER holds a law degree and has served as a judge, but has also had years of broadcasting experience as well as regional and university theatre and independent films. He had a bit role as a prison guard in the recent film Walk the Line.


BETTY GARD is a reference librarian by day but has been active in community theatre for many years and serves on the Board of Directors of the Fire Hall Theatre.


ROYCE BLACKBURN and LOUISE PINKERTON, husband and wife in real life, both teach voice at the University of North Dakota music department. Both have had a wide variety of experience in concert singing, opera, and musical theatre.


LEE BARNUM is a veteran of regional theatre as an actress, director, and playwright, teaches creative dramatics to children, and frequently does voiceover work for national commercials and theme parks. In addition to that she is a professional clown with her own registered character and makeup. Lee recently starred in Miss Mystic.





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