Feature-length DIGITAL MOVIES

Made in Grand Forks and Fargo, ND

(On embarrassingly low budgets!)


The past several years have seen something of an explosion of movie production in the Red River Valley, spurred by the low price and easy availability of digital video cameras and computer editing systems. This selection of independent features shows the range of narrative fiction being explored by area filmmakers using digital video equipment, and does not include the numerous shorts and documentary works made by others in the region, any professional/commercial productions shot here by Los Angeles companies or other outside producers, or previous local productions shot on film or analog video formats.


For example, some low-budget features (from about $20,000 to $7 million) shot on film in or partly in North Dakota include Northern Lights (1978, 16mm) around Crosby, Fargo (1996, 35mm) partly in and north of Grand Forks and near Cavalier, 4 Cheerleaders of the Apocalypse (1996, 16mm) in Grand Forks, Dead and Too Stupid to Know It (1998, 16mm) in Grand Forks, Dead Dogs (1998, 35mm) in Grand Forks, Dexter Dickie (2000, 35mm) partly in Bismarck, and Wooly Boys (2001, 35mm) largely in Medora and the Badlands. Wooly Boys finally had a limited theatrical release in North Dakota during January-February 2004 and Idaho in fall 2004, then came out nationally on DVD in April 2005.


A feature-length documentary on the “Cats Incredible” catfish tournament, Down North (2002, mini-DV), was shot on the Red River and in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. An episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” was partly shot in North Dakota in the early 1990s, and more recently, a half-hour TV pilot for a projected Showtime series called “Project X” shot in Grafton, Park River, and Nekoma, ND (2003, Betacam-SP).


Ambitious Fargo-Moorhead filmmaker Tony Tilton shot and edited his first feature effort on Super 8 film back in 1983, an hour-long fantasy swashbuckler called The Adventures of Ian Delevan, and made several award-winning half-hour short comedy, action, horror, and sci-fi films on film and video throughout the 1980s and 90s.


The Fargo Theatre in Fargo and the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks periodically show locally made movies, both during the annual Fargo Film Festival in March and Forx Film Fest in November, as well as at special public screenings.


LAST UPDATED January 16, 2010


ND Digital Features COMPLETED

(Including dates, cast, crew, synopses and other info)


ND Digital Features PLANNED or IN PROGRESS





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TITLES of completed ND digital features with locations
(including movies made on the western edge of Minnesota)



Pinching Penny

       shot in Fargo-Moorhead and Ada MN, summer 2009

The Swombies

       shot in Grand Forks, summer 2009

Mary Weatherby

       shot in Fargo, winter 2008-09

Dangers from Within Honorable Mention, 2008 Cleveland Indie Gathering

       shot in Grand Forks, summer 2007

Mercedes Ray

       shot in Fargo, winter-spring 2007

The Aborted

       shot in Jamestown, 2007

The Diarrhea Dilemma

       shot in Grand Forks, spring 2007

One in Nine

      shot in Moorhead, Minnesota, spring 2006

Rook’s Caskit

       shot in Grand Forks, August 2006

Cold Blooded

       shot in Jamestown, 2006


       shot in Jamestown, 2006

Music to My Ears 3rd Place FAMILY FEATURES, 2006 Cleveland Indie Gathering

       shot in Grand Forks, May 2005-January 2006; edited August 2005-March 2006

AJ Goes to France

       shot in Fargo, 2005

Adam Maxwell: Relationship Guru

       shot in Grand Forks and Bismarck, 2005

Down Twisted

       shot in Jamestown, 2004

Henry Rifle Is Dead

       shot in Grand Forks, Fargo, Minneapolis, 2004

Home Town Assassins

       Shot in Hendrum, Minnesota, June 2004; edited summer-fall-winter 2004

Miss Mystic  Winner BEST FEATURE 2004 Forx Film Fest; Honorable Mention, 2005 Sub Rosa Studios B-Movie Festival

       Shot in Grand Forks, Lakota, Devils Lake, and US Hwy 2 west of Larimore, 2004

Looking for Lillian

       Shot in Fargo, May-June 2003; edited 2003-04

Mr. Jones

       Shot in Grand Forks, 2004

Kitchen Appliances: The Movie

       Shot in Fargo-Moorhead, 2004

Dark Highways Nominee BEST SCREENPLAY 2004 SMMASH Film Festival, Official Selection NY Int'l Independent Film & Video Festival

       Shot in Grand Forks, Fargo, Mayville, and rural North Dakota, June-July-August 2003

              (plus a 5½ -min. Sons of Poseidon music video shot Aug-Sept and edited Sept-Oct)

Dick’s Beer

       Shot in Fargo-Moorhead, July 2003


       Shot in Fargo-Moorhead, May-June 2003

Awry Winner BEST FEATURE 2003 Forx Film Fest

       Shot in Minneapolis, May 2003, editing completed June 2003

Ole and Lena

       Shot in urban and rural Grand Forks and Manvel, April 2003

Pros and Cons

       Shot in Fargo/Moorhead, Dilworth, and Grand Forks, January-February 2003

Mean Winner BEST SHORT 2003 Forx Film Fest

       Shot in Fargo/Moorhead, 2002


       Shot in Fargo/Moorhead, 2002

Hollywood Nocturne

       Shot in Fargo/Moorhead, Duluth, New York City, and London, August-November 1999

Rubbed Out

       Shot in Fargo/Moorhead, late summer 2002

Vengeance of the Sorceress

      Shot in Grand Forks/East Grand Forks and environs, summer 2002


      Shot in Fargo/Moorhead, early summer 2002

The Threat of the Mummy

       Shot in Grand Forks, summer 2001, edited fall-winter 2001-02

Van Hook

       Shot around Minot, 2001