Final touches...

By March 1998, construction was proceeding at a frantic pace to have the building ready for a March 27th preview for the major donors and a March 28-29 public open house. The exterior brickwork recreated the building's original style while keeping the entrance at the left instead of returning it to the center. The Marquee is being rewired and extended to the right over the front of the small building next door (formerly home of the Dakota Shopper and the Girl Scouts) that is now part of the theatre.

The outer lobby remains in the same location but has been refinished with new doors, colors, and ceiling lights. There is also now an opening in the wall for a coat-check service.

This view of the new art gallery area is taken from the main lobby looking through what was once the Ladies' Restroom, stairwell to the upstairs apartment, and wall into the adjoining building.

MORE Final Touches (lobby gift shop and new movie screen)

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