Movie Attractions at the New Grand Theatre

during its first couple of years





A few coming attractions slides and a one-sheet poster (27”x41”)





A 35mm film frame from Behind the Door and two magazine ads



Lobby cards (11”x14”) from

Alarm Clock Andy and Outside the Law


More one-sheets plus some 8x10 glossy stills:










8x10 promotional stills for THE PENALTY, starring Lon Chaney



According to Grand Forks Herald advertisements for the New Grand…

THE CINEMA MURDER played January 14-15, 1920

SCARLET DAYS played February 4-5, 1920

BEHIND THE DOOR played February 11-12, 1920

HAWTHORNE OF THE U.S.A. played February 13-14, 1920

VICTORY played March 4-5-6, 1920

DANGEROUS HOURS played April 5-6-7, 1920

ALARM CLOCK ANDY played April 15-16-17, 1920

MALE AND FEMALE played May 10-11-12-13, 1920

THE COPPERHEAD played August 2-3-4, 1920

HAIRPINS played September 9-10-11, 1920

FOOD FOR SCANDAL played September 22-23, 1920

DR. JEKYLL & Mr. HYDE played September 27-28, 1920

THE DEVIL'S PASS KEY played October 11-12, 1920

WHY CHANGE YOUR WIFE? played November 8-9-10, 1920

THE PENALTY played December 1-2, 1920

OFFICER 666 played December 13-14, 1920

BLACKBIRDS played December 29-30, 1920

ALL SOULS EVE played January 31-February 1, 1921

THE KID played February 28 and March 1-2-3, 1921 (and even got a local review!)

OUTSIDE THE LAW played March 30-31, 1921

PECK’S BAD BOY played June 23-24-25, 1921


Many of these films still exist, and several are available on DVD or VHS.


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