Apartment and Projection Booth

By January of 1997, all the walls of the former manager's apartment had been removed and two new doors cut into the projection booth and right balcony. The stairwell at the far right originally went down to the street entrance. It would soon be covered over and a new bathroom installed there for use by office staff and the projectionist.

The projection booth had been enlarged and extended to the front of the balcony in 1930. Two rows of seats had originally been in front of the small silent era booth. In this January 1997 view, the left wall and floor have been removed to prepare for their relocation. A hole knocked through the back wall provided a new entrance into the old apartment, now the North Valley Arts Council offices. The right half of this image would soon be occupied by the new elevator shaft.

By February 1997, the elevator shaft was cut and being bricked-in with concrete blocks.

The rebuilt projection booth, taking up the right half of the 1930-96 booth area, has just enough room for two theatrical-size projectors. Seen here is the left-threading 16mm xenon projector donated by the University of North Dakota. A used 35mm Simplex Super machine similar to the Empire's original projector, was donated by Cavalier ND theatre owner Kirby Brandhagen, but cannot be renovated, modified and installed until more funds become available.

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