The original but newly refurbished seats were installed the end of February and beginning of March.

By mid-March almost all that remained in the auditorium was to hang the drapes and mount the new gold plaster lions on each side of the stage. The gap in the seats at the side of rows 4 and 5 is to accommodate wheelchairs. A new movie screen 16 feet tall by 36 feet wide is located just behind the 40-foot wide proscenium opening, connected to an electric motor. It will roll up or down as needed, and is perforated to allow loudspeaker placement behind the screen for optimum sound.

The view from the stage. The projection booth between the two side balconies had to be cut in half in order to make room for the government-required elevator. The side balconies are now used for sound and lighting controls, with doors opening into the former apartment (now the North Valley Arts Council main offices). For a bigger view in Netscape, right-click and choose View Image.

The plaster lions that now adorn the sides of the proscenium were discovered at an architectural antique dealer in another city, and obtained to complement the original lion heads on the walls. They are seen here being spray-painted gold, and given custom-designed pedestals.

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