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Qianli 'Rick' Chu


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Synthesis of Covalently Bonded Nanomaterials

The main focus of Chu research group is the development of novel synthetic methods and the construction of nanostructures, e.g. covalently bonded nanowires (Figure 1). Specifically, the initial step is the supramolecular self-assembly of a reversible non-covalent complex by intermolecular interactions such as hydrogen bonds between amide groups. In the second step, 1,4 polymerization of diene moieties will covalently lock the complex  into a robust nanostructure.

Just as chemists synthesize natural products and other small molecules, we construct covalently bonded nanoscopic targets. The study offers a new opportunity for molecular level structure-property studies. These materials will provide a variety of applications in nanoscience and green energy technology.

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