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  NUREMBERG TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS | Nazi Occupation of Norway  

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The University of North Dakota (UND) has over 240,000 pages of Nuremberg Trial documents in its Special Collections at the Chester Fritz Library. This collection not only includes over 300 pages from "the Hostage Case" concerning the Nazi invasion and occupation of Norway from April 9, 1940 to 1944, but also many documents from Justice James Morris, former North Dakota Supreme Court Judge, who presided over the "I.G. Farben Case." It is one of twenty-two universities across the country that has papers from Nuremberg, and it is one of the most complete collections. The documents came to Grand Forks in 1949 thanks to the efforts of Dr. Howard Russell, an English professor at UND before serving in WWII, who served as Secretary General of the American Military Tribunals from May 10, 1948 until the end of the trials.