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  NUREMBERG TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS | Nazi Occupation of Norway  

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Top Secret

t e l e t y p e

29.10.44 (Illegible initial)




1) Corps Headquarters XIX Mountain Corps Urgent (KR)
2) Corps Headquarters LXXI Infantry Corps Urgent "
3) Corps Headquarters XXXVI Mountain Corps Urgent "
for- 5) Corps Headquarters XVIII Mountain Corps Urgent "
6) Commanding General of the German Luftwaffe in Finland Urgent "
7) Admiral Polar Coastal Area Urgent "
8) Wehrmacht Commander Norway Urgent "
4) Reichs Commissioner for Occupied Norwcgian Territories Oslo Urgent "
9) Naval High Command/lst Naval Operation Staff (Koralle) Urgent "

Subject: Evacuation of North Norway:

1) Because of the lack of willingness of the north Norwegian population to evacuate the country voluntarily the Fuehrer has ordered the compulsory evacuation of the population east of the Lyngenfjords in the interest of the security of the population, which is to be preserved from Bolshevism and that all houses be burned down or be destroyed. It is the responsi bility of the Commander-in-Chief of Northern Finland that this order is carried out ruthlessly so that the Soviets supported by dwelling places and a population which knows the country will be prevented from following our withdrawal with strong forces. Pity with the civilian population is out of place.

2) The man will understand the measures to be taken if it is explained that the barbarian methods of the air war against the German homeland and its cultural places have brought a misery on our people surpassing by far that which will follow in the wake of the measures which must be taken now in north Norway in order to prevent an early thrust by the Russians, according to plan.

3) "The evacuation staff north Norway" subordinate to the 0.Qu. in his capacity as evacuation commissar is formed as the competent authority.

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Leader: Colonel Herrmann, Commanding Officer of the Grenadier Regiment 310.
Corps Headquarters XXXVI Mountain Corps is to detach Colonel Herrmann immediately
to Army/0.Qu.
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Neumann joins the evacuation staff as representative of the Reichs Commissar for occupied Norwegian territory.

4) The Commanding Generals of the XIX Mountain Corps and of the LXXI Infantry Corps are charged by me with the responsibility of the carrying out of the evacuation. Corps Headquarters XIX Mountain Corps will evacuate the territory east of the east coast of the Porsangerfjord (excluding the fjord).

Corps Headquarters LXXI Infantry Corps will evacuate the area Porsangerfjord (inclusive) - Lyngenfjord (inclusive)

5) Execution of the Evacuation:

a) The entire evacuation area is to be emptied of people.

b) Evacuated settlements are to be used by troop marching through (that is, at the latest by the rear guard

c) The operation must be a sudden one and the officers of the Reichs Commissar of Norway must participate and Norwegian authorities must be harnessed for it: the latter, however, only from the beginning of the operation.

d) The seized population is to be led to the nearest ports under military guard (also small ports with docks suitable for cutters).

e) Local and district commanders are to erect reception camps in or near these ports.

f) Men capable of working and marching and in the western districts women capable of marching also, are to be coupled to the marching units furthest in front and to be taken along.

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g) Inasfar as the population still has small ships available they are to be used for the deportation of the evacuees. Military cover!

h) All ships used by the Wehrmacht (freighters and Army transports) are to be loaded additionally with as many evacuees as possible.

i) Columns on Reichsstrasse 50 to be formed only to an unavoidable degree; invalids, women and children to be assisted by loading them on trucks. Only men capable of inarching to join the march columns!

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k) Transportation of all evacuees first into the area west of the Lyngenfjordes, from there further control by Corp Headquarters, LXXI Infantry Corps in dir ect agreement with the Reichskommissar Norway.

1) In the area of the Corps Headquarters XIX Mountain Corps the operations will start immediately; in the area of Corps Headquarters LXXI Infantry Corps on 1-11-44.

m) Mission to be accomplished:

(1) By 9.11.44. in the area eastward of the line Kistrand - Billejford - Lakselv- Skoganvarre - Karjasjok (including these villages).

(2) By 12.11.44. in the area east of the line lalvik - Kautokeino (including these villages).

(3) By 15.11.44. in the remaining area.

Norwegians found in the respective areas after that period are to be arrested and to be brought to the nearest town headquarters. Directives will be issued con cerning their further treatment.

6) It is requested that the Reichskommissar Norway will make available as much ship ping space as possible as otherwise numerous casualties among the Norwegians will be unavoidable during the evacuation.

7) I request all offices concerned to carry out this evacuation in the sense of a relief action for the Norwegian population. Though it will be necessary here and there to be severe, all of us must attempt to save the Norwegians from Bolshevism and to keep them alive.

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Distribution: Only 1 Draft.

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(Illegible initial) (Signed) RENDULIC

(Rendulic) Colonel General

Roman la/Op. No. 1682/44 top secret.

(Illegible initial)

I, Mary E. Carter, British civilian, AGO # 20154, hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with both the English and German languages; and that the above is a true and correct translation of Document No. NOKW-086.

Mary E. Carter
A 20134

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