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All programs are confidential and services to the victims are free of charge.

Crisis intervention : 24 hour crisis line, counseling, information, assistance, and referral
Light of Hope Shelter : Short term emergency housing for victims and their children
Information, Advocacy, Referrals: Support and assistance in obtaining medical, human services, legal and other services.  Assistance in applying for protection orders, which can restrain abusers from contacting, threatening and injuring victims of abuse, and restrict abusers from victims' homes.
Counseling and Support: Individual and group counseling to help victims of abuse and rape recover from the trauma and live healthy, productive lives. 
Little Souls Children's Services: Individual and group counseling and education for children who have witnessed domestic violence. 
Crime Victim Witness Program: Advocacy within the criminal and juvenile justice systems for victims of personal and property crimes, working to ensure victims' rights are upheld.
Prevention and Education Program: Education to community members and training to area professionals to raise awareness and improve our community's response to those impacted by violence.
Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Program: This program prevents
violence through providing group treatment for abusers and extensive collaboration with the justice system.
Wishing Well Child Visitation Program: Wishing Well provides a secure, neutral environment to ensure the safety of children at risk of abuse or neglect.  We offer: supervised visitation and exchange services.

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Women's Way

Women's Way is breast and cervical cancer early detection program available to eligible North Dakota women.
Breast and cervical cancer screenings available through Women's Way include mammograms, pap smears, pelvic exams, clinical breast exams, and breast self-exam education.
Saving the lives of North Dakota women is the goal of Women's Way.

American Cancer Society
District E
Great West Division

North Dakotan's Partnering for Women's Health
We are working together with others across the state to promote improved health for women across the state of North Dakota. North Dakotans Partnering for Women's Health unites around this common interest in hopes of advancing disease prevention and awareness of available resources.
North Dakotans Partnering for Women's Health, along with First Lady Mikey L. Hoeven, hosts the annual Women's Health Summit, a women's health conference for people interested in wellness, women's health and screening services. The fall conference provides knowledge, skills and action ideas for women's personal health and for women we serve.

Community Healthcare Association of the Dakotas

The Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas is a state nonprofit membership organization providing leadership on primary health care issues in North Dakota and South Dakota. The association works to create a clear state(s) specific understanding of primary health care, its needs, and effective ways to meet those needs.
By working with its members and other organizations, it builds coalitions of concerned people to address primary health care concerns and to develop and promote effective solutions applicable at national, state, and local levels.



North Dakota Women's Health CORE
National Center of Excellence in Women's Health Region VIII Demonstration Project
UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Room 2510
501 N. Columbia Rd.
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9037
Telephone: (701)777-3274
Fax: (701)777-3849