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North Dakota Women's Health Connection

Thank you for coming!

Saralyn Mark, MD, NASA Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Women & Heart Disease

Ms. North Dakota, Annette Olson, Door Prize Drawing


Grand Forks, ND

Monday, September 18, 2006
1-5 at the Alerus Center
with mocktails and tours of the New UND Wellness Center from 5-7

Pre-Registration is Requested
Registration Fee $10
$15 at the door

For additional information please contact Sarah Owens at
(701)777-3274 or email


2006 Program:

Great Expectations

A panel will review the financial, psychological, and personal health issues that everyone should
consider before trying to conceive.


Fibromyalgia: The Impact on Patients & Caregivers

An explanation of the disease process, what to expect when visiting a medical provider, and therapeutic options for treatment.


"Why do I pee when I laugh?"

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing and socially-isolating problem that affects as many as 13 million people of all ages. While it is more common in elderly women, most people are surprised at the high prevalence associated with young people. This talk focuses on the definitions of the major types of urinary incontinence, scope of the problem, causes, and treatments. Attendants will walk away armed with education to assist in the prevention and conservative management of this problem.


Changing the Way We Age

We can change the way we age by staying active, to the fullest extent possible, within all areas of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational, social and environmental. Aging within these dimensions of wellness keeps us involve, alert and enjoying a productive life. Come learn how you can be full engaged in life and participate regardless of socioeconomic status or current health conditions.

How To Avoid Dating A Jerk(ette)

It might have been at that miserably mismatched wedding you attended, or, after a break up looking back you finally saw the warning signals or, perhaps it occurred when you had someone you love break your trust.  The accumulation of experiences like these may lead you to wonder if there is hope for learning how to avoid dating a jerk(ette).   The answer is a resounding... YES!!!!  Come learn about the major areas that predict what a person will be like in marriage and the bonding forces that must be kept in balance as a relationship grows.  In other words, come and learn how to avoid dating a jerk(ette)!

Facts and Fiction About the Imaging of Breast Cancer

Some facts about breast cancer and the different types, the proven benefits of mammography, short discussion on how mammography is performed and radiation used, alternate imaging and their uses, debunking of myths put out by celebrities in the media.

Depression Matters

This session will include a lively description of the ways to identify, treat, and DEFEAT depression, especially in women of all ages and stages.

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Altru Health System

Dakota Medical Foundation

Region VIII Office on Women's Health, US Dept. of Health & Human Services



North Dakota Women's Health CORE
National Center of Excellence in Women's Health Region VIII Demonstration Project
UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Room 2510
501 N. Columbia Rd.
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9037
Telephone: (701)777-3274
Fax: (701)777-3849