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 When You First Call For An Appointment


The first appointment you will have is an INTAKE appointment (about 1 hour long and flexibly scheduled). This appointment will explain more about PSC, who we are and what we do. It will give you a chance to ask questions about us. Also, we will ask some questions about you or the potential client (click here for a link to some of these questions). The reason we ask is so that we can make sure we are able to best meet your needs (see links to services we offer and what we donít offer). 

After this appointment, the Clinic Associate will meet with the PSC Director to discuss a therapist match for you, and how we could best meet your needs. Once a therapist is assigned, we will contact you to get your first THERAPY (see link to About Therapy) or EVALUATION (see link to About EVALUATION) appointment scheduled.


What will we ask when you call to schedule an appointment?

  • We will need to know your name, age, birth date, and gender. If you are calling to schedule an appointment for a family member, we will need to know THEIR name, age, birth date, and gender.

  • If the potential client is 17 years of age or younger, we will also need to know the name of the legal guardian, who the child lives with, who their primary care provider is, their parent names, and any other special circumstances information. 

  • Remember to bring divorce decrees or court documents to the appointment to document these circumstances.

  • For all intakes scheduled, we will also need to know your contact address, a contact phone number, and the reason that you would like to set up an intake. For example, seeking therapy to cope with a death in the family, seeking therapy to manage behavior problems, seeking evaluation because of feeling depressed or anxious, seeking evaluation for learning problems. 

  • These are just a few examples to help guide you in responding to this question. When you schedule the intake, we do not need to know a great detail about your situation Ė this will be discussed further with the Clinic Associate during your Intake Appointment.

  •  We would also like to know how you heard about PSC, and if anyone referred you to us. This helps us better market our services.

  •  You will then be informed of an INTAKE date, time, and the name of the Clinic Associate or Clinician that will be completing the intake with you.

210 Montgomery Hall

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Grand Forks, North Dakota