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Therapists or Graduate Student Clinicians (GSCs)

All therapy is provided by Graduate Student Clinicians (GSCs).  They are all enrolled students in the doctoral clinical training program at various levels – 2nd years through graduation.  GSCs are assigned to supervision teams who meet weekly in group and individual meeting formats with their clinical supervisors.  Each therapists clinical training work is staffed during these meetings.  We have between 25 and 35 active therapists during any given year.


Clinic Associate (CA)

The Clinic Associate is an advanced graduate student, who works under the supervision of the PSC Director.  The Clinic Associate helps maintain the administrative function of the clinic.  Typically, the Clinic Associate conducts brief interviews and reviews the PSC “experience” with potential clients to help ensure our services match client needs.


Administrative Secretary
The Administrative Secretary provides the administrative flow to our clinic.  This is generally the phone and public greeter clients will mostly meet through scheduling appointments and relaying messages.  There is a 6 to 9 person supportive volunteer staff who donate about 2 hours of time to assist this role, and these are first year students in the graduate clinical training program.


Clinic Secretary
The Clinic Secretary is our accounting specialist.  Jan Flatin has been with our clinic for more than a decade, and is familiar with the oversight and maintenance of client accounts.

PSC Director
The PSC Director is responsible for the oversight of general operations of PSC, supervising administrative staff and the Clinic Associate.  The PSC Director also services as the HIPAA Compliance Officer <please make this link to the HIPAA Officer Address Page> for PSC.  The PSC Director staffs intakes and facilitates case assignments to GSCs.

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