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Joe Miller, Ph.D.


Joe Miller, Ph.D.

BS Psychology & Fine Arts: College of William & mary
Masters & Ph.D: Clinical Psychology from University of South Dakota
Clinical Internship: Hines VA, rotations in neuropsychology and Blind rehabilitation
Post-doctorate: University of Minnesota - Minnesota lab for Low Vision Research

Dr. Miller is a visually-Impaired clinical psychology resident, with training and interest in the mental health implications of physical and sensory disability, neuropsychology & cognitive assessment, marital therapy, and the application of personality theory to counseling practice.


At UND, he teaches graduate courses in cognitive and personality assessment, and undergraduate courses in personality theory and abnormal psychology. He also supervises a graduate student extern at the North Dakota School for the Blind, providing assessment and psychotherapy services on-site.


Dr. Millerís Supervision Team

Dr. Millerís Clinical team consists of UND graduate student clinicians dedicated to service, ethical practice, and the integration of scientific and humanistic principles in the delivery of scientifically-based and empathically-delivered assessment and intervention. These clinicians are supervised directly by Dr. Miller, who sometimes conducts co-therapy with selected students.

Behavioral Therapy & Psychotherapy: Dr. Miller's clinical team engages in single, co-therapy, and direct and indirect supervision of counseling and psychotherapy. We specialize in issues related to adjustment to new disability, grieving, and a range of issues related to problems in marital and other intimate relationships. Our goal is to match treatment approaches to the needs and personality styles of our clients; as such, self-exploration and discovery is an integral part of the counseling experience, using the most current and scientifically validated assessment techniques.

Testing & Assessment: Dr. Miller's team also focuses on disability related assessments of cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal functioning. Topics of interest include visual impairment, ADHD, learning disabilities, and forms of anxiety that impede academic performance, including test and math anxiety.


Ages of clients seen by Dr. Millerís Team begin with adolescence and span the developmental spectrum.

210 Montgomery Hall

P.O. Box 7108

Grand Forks, North Dakota