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MCR Table of Contents

  1. American Music Center Opportunity Update
    Opportunities for composers and performers.

  2. Computer Music Centers

  3. Contemporary Music Info-Junction
    Contemporary composition and theory; orchestration and media; reviews, discussions and information by composer; institutes, organizations and academic programs, publication and dissemination; performance; and music meta-index.

  4. Directory of Music Publishers
    This list, compiled by the Music Publishers' Association, includes many snail-mail addresses, several links to web pages, and some contacts. Listed publishers with WWW sites include:

  5. Internet Directories

  6. IRCAM
    Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique, a leading non-profit organization of musical creation, r&d and education in acoustics and music, located in the center of Paris (France), next to the Pompidou Center, of which it is an attached department. It hosts composers, researchers and students from many countries cooperating in contemporary music production, signal processing, acoustics and psychoacoustics, and their interrelations.

  7. Music Resources on the Internet

  8. Organizations

  9. rec.music.compose
    USENET group -- this can sometimes be helpful.

  10. Synth Zone
    This is a well-structured site for those searching for synthesizer resources on the Internet. It includes links to pages with topics such as: synths & effects, dealers online, magazines, midi links, newsgroups, products & demos, search tools, theory & tab.

  11. U.S. Universities and Community Colleges
    Lists of universities with WWW servers.

  12. [UND Logo] University of North Dakota

    [UND College of Fine Arts and Communication Logo] UND College of Fine Arts and Communication

    [UND Music Department Logo] UND Department of Music

  13. Women Composers: A Bibliography of Internet Resources
    The purpose of this bibliography is to provide quick access to a variety of internet resources on women composers for both the amateur and the scholar.

  14. World Lecture Hall -- Music
    Lectures on various musical topics.

  15. Young Composer's Guild
    Information about distance learning projects.