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Music Composition Resource

Description: This site, created by James Fry & Christopher Bartlette, lists sources essential for today's composers, including books, articles, internet sites, sound recordings and FAQs for beginning composers.

Books & Articles
General reference, instruments & orchestration, composers & their art, notation, twentieth century music theory & history.
Internet sites
Links to music publishers, search engines, music resources and more.
Trends in twentieth century music: historical background, composers & recent works (including WWW links).
Music Composition FAQ
Getting started, motivation & dry spells, creative principles, helping factors, miscellaneous concerns.
Other sources

Guidelines for Listing Sites on MCR: MCR lists Internet sites which are directly related to the art, craft & business of composing. This includes information on new music, 20th Century music history, theory and analysis, as well as publishers, research tools and organizations. Individually listed composers will only include those who have a recorded work in the music library at the University of North Dakota.

Last updated: January, 1998.

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