Lab #3- Mitosis and Meiosis
The following practice test has been prepared for you to get a general idea of what types of questions you might be expected to answer on your final laboratory exam. The questions included here are probably easier and more general than ones you might see on your actual exam. Only a few questions from each lab exercise have been included.
To take this practice test, write the correct answers to each question on some scrap paper. Then, at the end of the test, you will find the answers. If you miss a few and are unsure why, check with your lab instructor BEFORE you take your lab exam.


Observe the following images which illustrate various stages of meiosis using beads as models. To minimize confusion, they are presented in order. Try to identify each stage.


In flowering plants, meiosis occurs within anthers to produce microspores (which develop into pollen) and within ovules to produce megaspores (which develop into the embryo sac). Although some intermediate stages are missing, observe the stages in the development of pollen and embryo sacs and try to identify the stage of meiosis pictured.


Embryo sac:

What is illustrated in the following two images?

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