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Computer Science Textbooks

Fall 2008

Course Number Book Information
CSci 101 Discovering Computers 2009
by Shelly
published by Cengage
ISBN 978-1-4329-1197-5
CSci 101T MicroSoft Office 2007: Intro ..., Windows XP08
by Shelly
published by Cengage
ISBN 978-1-4-1884328-1
CSci 120 Beginning VB 2008: From Novice to Professional
by Gross
published by Apress
ISBN 978-1-59059-938-9
CSci 160 Starting Out With Java 5
by Gaddis
published by Pearson
ISBN 978-0-3-2147927-3
CSci 161 Data Structures & Algorithms in Java, 2nd edition
by Lafore
published by SAMS (copyright 2003)
ISBN 978-0-672-32453-6
CSci 250 Assembly Language For Intel-Based Processors, 5th edition (with CD)
by Kip Irvine
published by Pearson (copyright 2007)
ISBN 978-0-1-3238310-3
CSci 363 About Face 3.0: Essentials of ...
by Cooper
published by Wiley
ISBN 978-0-4-7008411-3
CSci 448 Microsoft XNA Unleashed by Carter, 0-672-32964-6
Game Design by Thompson, 0-471-96894-3
Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creator's Guide by Cawood, 0-071-4907-X
CSci 451 Operating Systems, 5th edition
by Stallings
published by Pearson (copyright 2005)
ISBN 0-1-3147954-7
CSci 455 Fundamentals of Database Systems, 5th edition
by Elmasri
published by Pearson (copyright 2007)
ISBN 0-3-2136957-2
CSci 463 Software Engineering
by Sommerville
published by Pearson
ISBN 978-0-3-2131379-9
CSci 501 Software Architecture in Practice
by Bass et. al.
published by Addison Wesley
ISBN 0-321-15495-9
CSci 546 Image Processing Handbook
by Russ
published by CRC
ISBN 0-849-31142-X