Minor in Chinese Studies: Culture and Business
Recognizing China as a significant global presence, the College of Business and Public Administration offers a multi-disciplinary minor in Chinese Studies: Culture and Business. The minor is open to all majors across campus. The primary goal of the new program is to provide an opportunity for students to develop the necessary background, skills and knowledge to conduct business and other activities effectively in China. A second goal is to provide an opportunity for students to gain a practical understanding of China, its language, history, politics, geography, literature, art, music, customs and modern business culture. The program provides an in-depth examination of a region of growing global importance, with special emphasis on applied cross-cultural skills. Unique among UND programs, the Chinese Studies: Culture and Business minor requires both a full year of language study and an extended period of residence in China, plus area studies courses in philosophy and religion, geography, Asian art, literature in translation and modern Chinese history.
Study Abroad and Internships in China
In 2000, the College of Business and Public Administration began offering a four-week summer study tour to China, conducted by UND instructors. Over forty students have participated in this program to date, with another group scheduled for summer 2004. Students visit Beijing and Xian, and then spend three weeks in Shanghai completing their independent field research projects, visiting U.S. government and commercial services, shadowing at businesses in their fields of interest, making home visits, taking in cultural events, and meeting with local specialists. Living on campus, students have extensive opportunities to interact with Chinese students, resulting in rich cross-cultural interactions. Several UND students have returned to China for internships in Shanghai and Beijing.
Shanghai-North Dakota Business Management Program
In 1994, the College of Business and Public Administration signed a faculty exchange agreement with the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST). After five successful faculty exchanges, we established the Shanghai-North Dakota Business Management Program, a joint UND/USST undergraduate program for Chinese students taught entirely in Shanghai. The first class of 50 Chinese students graduated in January, 2004. A second class of Chinese undergraduate students was admitted fall, 2001, and a third in fall, 2003. UND faculty members from numerous disciplines (accounting, management, economics, political science, public administration, marketing, English, history, communications, and music) have participated in this exciting joint educational program in Shanghai. The collaboration has provided UND faculty members with excellent faculty development opportunities, both in teaching and research, has contributed to increased UND student interest in China, and has, we trust, helped advance the modernization of China.
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Associate Provost
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