23 credits distributed between Parts A, B and C
Part A: Language (8 credits)
Chin 101 First Year Chinese I 4 credits
Chin 102 First Year Chinese II 4 credits
Part B: Area Studies (6 credits)
Hist 362 Modern Chinese History 3 credits
Rels 315 Religion and Philosophy in China and Tibet 3 credits
Geog 463 Regional Geography: China 3 credits
Engl 299 ST: Chinese Literature in Translation 3 credits
Art 411 History of Art: Study of Eastern Art 3 credits
  Or other courses approved by the Program Director  
Part C: Business Studies (9 credits)
BAdm 316 Introduction to Business in China 3 credits
BAdm 318 Business Fieldwork in Shanghai (summer in China) 3 credits
BAdm 319 China Then and Now (summer in China) 3 credits
BAdm 380 Internship in China (S/U only) 6 credits

Internship opportunities will be developed through:

Note: Some business internships in China may require additional language training.

Dr. Victoria Beard
Associate Provost
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